Poster Guidelines

  • Each author may submit a maximum of four works for the SINGEP conference, and there will be only three in each modality. For instance, an author may submit three works for the scientific article modality and one for the poster modality.

    For the poster modality, interested parties must send an abstract, including the title, contextualization, objectives, methodology, theoretical foundation, results with analyses, concluding remarks, and references.

    Template for abstract poster submission: The use of the abstract template is mandatory. Files that are forwarded without the template will be automatically disqualified. (Click here to download).

    Additional information: In addition to the abstract in the template format, it will also be necessary to provide the following information to be inserted on the paper submission page (step 1):

    Title of the work (in Portuguese): capital letters.

    Title of work (in English): capital letters.

    Abstract: a general summary of running text and its composition must have up to 150 words.

    Abstract: must be registered in the exact parameters of the general abstract in Portuguese.

    Keywords: minimum three (3), maximum five (5).

    Keywords: must be registered in the exact parameters of the keywords in Portuguese.

    Poster guidelines, in case of accepted abstracts:

    The preparation and presentation of the accepted poster must follow the guidelines below:

    Poster presentation sessions will be similar to scientific articles.

    The parallel sessions of poster presentations will form part of the general program.

    The authors must make the poster according to the guidelines of the template. The template is available on the conference’s website. The template blocks can be edited to suit the poster’s content better. However, the general characteristics of the poster (including the header with the conference logo) must be kept.

    Poster template: The use of the template for making the poster is mandatory. Files that are forwarded without the template will be automatically disqualified.

    The poster presenter must be present to answer questions throughout your poster presentation session.

    Each work will be scheduled for presentation on only one of the days of the conference.

    The work’s title on the poster must be identical to the work submitted to the conference.

    The author(s) must send their poster in PDF format within 24 hours before the conference’s start to their session coordinator (to be announced in the entire conference schedule). This way, he can design the poster during the presentation.

    In the presentation, the author(s) must have a backup of the poster available in case of unforeseen circumstances. If necessary, the author(s) can present the poster by sharing their computer screen.

    In the Submission is prohibited:

    – Works presented without characteristics of a poster;

    – Posters that do not comply with general rules for size and legibility.