IX Singep & 10 CIK 10th Singep and 10th CIK

  • The core theme of the 10th SINGEP and the 10th CIK Conference is “Innovative Entrepreneurship and Sustainability to Combat Climate Change.” Our conference aspires to advance entrepreneurial projects and innovative management models to combat climate change. Also, we offer an excellent environment for strengthening and expanding connections between researchers and practitioners.

    Significantly, our conference advances the following research interests and topics: Project Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Strategy, Marketing, and Industry 4.0.

    In our conference, scholars and practitioners bridge practice and theory through relevant discussions based on the scientific, practitioner, and technological perspectives. Also, we provide exceptional opportunities for professional training and capability development.

    With great satisfaction, we communicate the continuity of SINGEP’s partnership with the CIK International Conference (CYRUS Institute of Knowledge). The CIK is a conference organized by researchers from Bentley University, ESCA Ecole de Management, Southern New Hampshire University, and Suffolk University.

    Come and join our conference!



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