Register 2022

  • Participants should register for the 10th International Symposium on Management, Projects, Innovation, and Sustainability (i.e., 10th SINGEP) to participate in all presentation sessions of papers, lectures, panels, and workshops.

    Our conference provides two certificate types:

    • Participation Certificate: for all registered participants who paid to participate in the conference.
    • Presentation Certificate: for those participants that presented by one (or more) of the work registered authors in the conference.
    Participant categoryRegistration fee
    Undergraduate students (*)50 BRL
    Graduate Students
    (Lato Sensu Brazilian Programs, Master Students, or Ph.D. Students) (*)
    150 BRL
    Alumni from Nove De Julho University (*)150 BRL
    Professors, Researchers, and other practitioners180 BRL

    * Participants should attach a document proving their status for their category.

    Note: Uploading the document to prove the profile category status is mandatory to test the relationship with the Higher Education Institution.