• Brazil’s time – (Brasília)

    1st DAY

    ScheduleOctober 20, 2021 (Wednesday)
    9h30Online accreditation – SINGEP-CIK
    10h – 10h15Opening Cerimony
    10h15 – 11h40Plenary Presentation: Sustainability and Circular Economy
    11h40 – 12hBreak / Networking
    12h às 13h30Parallel Poster Presentation Session
    12h – 13h30Editors Meeting – Best Publishing Practices
    13h30 às 14h30Lunch break
    14h30 às 16h30Parallel Paper Presentation Session
    14h30 às 16h30Plenary Presentation CIK
    16h30 às 16h45Break / Networking
    16h45 às 18h45Parallel Paper Presentation Session

    2nd DAY

    ScheduleOctober 21, 2021 (Thursday)
    9h30Online accreditation – SINGEP-CIK
    10h – 11h45Plenary Presentation: Digital Businesses, Project Management and University-Business Relationship
    11h45 – 12hBreak / Networking
    12h – 14hParallel Paper Presentation Session
    12h – 14hPaper Development Workshop (PDW):  Journal editors
    14h – 15hLunch Break
    15h – 17hInternational Doctoral Consortium
    16h15 – 16h30Break / Networking
    16h30 – 18h30Parallel Paper Presentation Session
    18h30 – 18h45Break / Networking
    18h45Best papers Awards Best Dissertations/Thesis Awards

    3rd DAY

    ScheduleOctober 22, 2021 (Friday)
    9h às 10h45Workshop: “Topic Modeling with R”
    10h45 – 11hBreak / Networking
    11h às 12h45Workshop: “Analysis of social networks for scientific and technological development”
    11h às 12h45Plenary Presentation CIK
    12h45Closing IX SINGEP-CIK