Presentation Rules

  • Scientific articles and technical reports will be presented in oral sessions:

    • Each session will have a coordinator who has the function of presenting the authors, controlling the presentation time and organizing the discussion of the papers;
    • Each paper will be presented in a maximum of 15 minutes, with the discussion promoted by the session coordinator at the end of the last presentation;
    • The presentation should be in PowerPoint and the formatting of the presentation is free. Presenters are asked to appear in the room at least ten (10) minutes in advance;
    • Authors are requested to bring the presentations to a USB device. It is suggested that, as a backup form, the presentations should also be sent to the author’s e-mail.

    Posters will be presented at a specific poster exhibition:

    • The poster must be delivered in advance in the room where the presentation session will take place;
    • At least one of the authors of the paper should remain at the poster during the entire session to answer the questions of the evaluators and stakeholders;
    • A panel will be reserved for each poster;
    • It is mandatory that the title of the work on the poster be identical to the title of the work submitted to the event.